Dive on the Wreck of VAS

Between 1941 and 1943, a hundred anti-submarine patrols were built in Italy from the Baglietto, Ansaldo and Picchiotti shipyards.
The boat in question, launched in 1941 by one of the Ligurian shipyards, had a length of 34m and a width of 5m and was equipped with a good number of torpedo bombs, radio equipments and two 450mm torpedo launchers. The crew consisted of 26 people.

The Wreck of V.A.S. lies in navigation trim at a depth of about 52m (47m in the bow part where the fixed line is positioned) and in the days of good visibility, it appear in its entirety already around 35m.

The upper part of the bow is the most beautiful of the ship: we meet the compass, the machine telegraph and the machine gun; the winch anchor windlass is moved to the left of the ship's axis and below, in a slightly open hatch, the signal lamps can be seen.


The penetration inside the wreck of the V.A.S. is possible, but demanding because the spaces are very restricted; in the engine room one enters from a hatch and the generator is immediately visible; continuing, we meet the electrical panels with still visible writings, fuses and engines in line with two large pressure gauges. On the heads there are still the thermometers and all around the lighting lamps.

From a narrow stair you can access to the rooms under the bow to access the kitchens where some ceramics are still visible. Even more are visible the radio, some racks with still present rifles and crew quarters.

For those who decide to make the penetration is good to remember that to regain the exit it is necessary to retrace the same path and that is very easy dirty the water and loose the exit of the wreck.

Diving on V.A.S. is unmissable because it is one of the only wrecks in the Mediterranean see to keep intact all its objects and details. The dive is reserved for holders of a certification that enable the depth of 50m and is not recommended the descent into the air.