Dive on the wreck of U-boot U-455

The German submarine U-455, of which the inhabitants of the area talked about for several years, until became it a legend, was brought to light in August 2005 by the Genoese diver Lorenzo Del Veneziano on segnalation of the friend Andrea Tutino.

The identification was not immediate, so this story interested some of more famous historians that studied photos and movies in order to confirm that the wreck is really the german submarine disappeared the 2 of april 1944.

The wreck of the u-boot U-455 is located on a muddy bottom of about 120m inclined about 45 °, almost like it was about to make a rapid emergence, so that the end of the bow is at 95m. Probably its unusual position is due to the presence, in the forward area, of non-flooded compartments; near the wreck the debris of the stern disintegrated by the explosion are scattered.

The turret is the most interesting part of the wreck, with the 3 supports of 20 and 37 mm machine guns, the radio antenna, the periscope with the lenses of the aiming system. On the false tower floor, at 107m, the first door is open and is possible to see the second closed door.

On the starboard and left side walls there are the vents of the ballast tanks that go back to the bridge; on the deck the teak paneling has disappeared but the signaling buoy and the winch that was used to move the anchor, still recessed in the bow in the starboard side are clearly visible.

The bow is very suggestive with its slender shape towards the surface; below there are the two depth rudders still addressed in navigation position.
On the hull they see the hatches of the torpedo tubes that are closed to testify that the attack, or the accident, happened so suddenly that it did not give the crew time to prepare for the defense.

The whole structure is colonized by a very rich life made of oysters, anemones and micro-organisms that cover every part of the hull, surrounded by colorful anthias clouds; from the openings the antennae of the lobsters peep out and it is possible to meet large conger that have made the wreck his house.

The dive is considered extremely challenging both for the depth and for the presence of currents that can also be of strong intensity and which can reduce visibility especially at the bottom.