Dive on Haven wreck (Technical dive)

The wreck of oil tanker "Haven" starts at the 32m of the chimney to arrive at the 80m of the propeller, allowing several different dives all rich of suggestion.

Some of the most interesting dives on the magnificent wreck of the Haven are:

  • Exploration of the last three decks, of the upper deck and of the gash (50-60m)
  • Internal exploration of the engine and machine room (only for hypoxic trimix divers with advanced wreck or full cave certification)
  • Exploration of the gash and descent on rudder and on the majestic propeller (80m)

The  technical dive on the Haven  are regulated by special orders of the Port Authority of Genoa (75/2014 and 18/99) with the  following requirements:

  • Normoxic or hypoxic trimix certification according to planned dive
  • Wreck divers certification in case of penetration until the depth of 40m
  • Advanced Wreck Divers certification (that enabling a full penetration) in case of  penetration like generators and engine rooms
  • Double fist stage
  • Underwater torch (also backup torch reccomended)
  • Reel

Technical diving on Haven Wreck are usually do by autonomous groups with all the certifications necessary to plan the dive and with one guide certificated diver in every team (maximum 4 divers) .

On request, you can be guided by a diving center guide that will guide you, with his experience on the wreck, discovering fascinating underwater itineraries.