Dive on wreck of UJ2208

The wreck, called "of Cigliano" because of the fisherman who lowered the nets on this site, has not yet had a certain identification because of the poor state of conservation of the ship that misses the bow and that has a stern strongly damaged by the explosion that caused the sinking.

From the shape of the stern and the type of weapons present (twin machine gun and depth bombs) it is presumed to be one of the many deep-sea fishing vessels that have been converted into submarine chasers by the Kriegsmarine.
The most plausible identification seems to be that of UJ2208, ex Alfred, sunk just outside Genoa on 20/02/1944 following the impact with a mine.

Built in 1926 by the Atéliers et Chantiers de Bretagne shipyards, it was a fishing boat 65m long and about 10m wide.
From 01/03/1943 it passed to the Kriegsmarine who converted it into UJ and assigned it to the 22nd Mediterranean flotilla with the initials UJ2208.

During the missions it seems that the UJ2208 was commanded by the Lieutenant Oscar Schmidt has sunk the English submarine Usurper who is still missing.