Dive on wreck of chains (Nina)

The "Nina" steamer was built, on the order of the British Shipping Controller, in London in 1919 and sold to the "Bianchi brothers" in Genoa. In 1943 it was requisitioned and placed under German control. On February 20, 1944, it sunk because of a probable torpedo launched from a British submarine off Genoa Sampierdarena.

The dive on the wreck of the chains is fascinating because of the position of the wreck. The stern, resting on the edge of the escarpment that descends steeply over 200m, is the most scenographic part of the boat with the propeller and the helm both suspended in the void at 110m.
Going back onto the deck you can visit the 2 cargo holds still full of chains and ferrous material.
The center is quite intact with the lifeboat winches and the slightly curled funnel on itself.

The bow, slightly skidded to starboard, is laid on one side and opposed to the sense of the wreck and is in a poor state of conservation, while interesting fragments of the wreck lie on the bottom; the most important is without doubt the beautiful machine telegraph resting on the mud and in good condition.
The penetration inside the wreck of the Nina is possible but is necessary to keep attention hight; the most interesting route isthe engine room, where the engines, the boilers and strangely some furnishings of the kitchen.are visible.

This dive is reserved to a hypoxic trimix divers with the 100m depth enabled in closed or open circuit (depending of the configuration used in the dive) with great experience in deep dives.